Frequently Asked Questions

I am not with a charter school. Can my student still enroll in classes?

Absolutely! Our vendors welcome students from all variations of homeschooling. You can work out payment arrangements with each teacher directly by contacting them on the vendor's individual website.

Which charter schools are the vendors approved by?

Olive Tree is approved with Excel, Sage Oak and iLead. They are pending approval with Sky Mountain, Mission VIsta and Inspire.

Is Wilton Place Learning Center a drop off campus?

Yes, it is for our TK/K full day program and for learners in grades 6 and up. But for children in grades 1-5, parents are expected to supervise their own students.
We do have a campus director who is there to help ensure safety and give direction, but we do not have staff available to watch students. Our program is a la carte and we have students taking 1-5 classes per day.
Students under the age of 12 must have an adult on campus responsible for them the entire time the student is there. Parents may arrange with other parents to be responsible for their children, but no student under the age of 12 may be dropped off on campus and left unsupervised. Students over 12 may be dropped off without an adult while they are in class. It is expected that students will be picked up immediately after classes end.

What are your disciplinary procedures?

Each student will conduct themselves with respect and kindness towards teachers and students. Disrespect towards teachers, church staff or property, or other students may result in the student being expelled from classes without a refund. If a student is misbehaving and is corrected by any staff member, that student is expected to comply with the instructions given to him/her. If a student is misbehaving and not receiving correction, the teacher or learning center director will speak directly with the parent of that student to determine further action.

Do you require background checks and fingerprinting for all teachers and staff?

In order to be an approved vendor, a teacher must get a Department of Justice background check. All teachers and classroom assistants have Department of Justice clearance.

Are you meeting in-person in September?

(updated July 30)
ALL CLASSES are meeting IN-PERSON with Covid-19 safety protocols in place. However, seating is limited to 10 students per room.

WPLC courses for grades 3rd and up will be available in BOTH ONSITE and ONLINE formats in September.

  • Wilton Place Learning Center is an enrichment program that provides academically excellent courses in an engaging, encouraging community. Because we are an independently run community resource, we are able to continue to provide onsite classes for our community. All scheduled classes for grades 3 and up will be offered in BOTH onsite and online formats in September.
  • Until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, onsite students will observe physical distancing and wear face coverings when distancing is not possible.
  • All student-contacted items (desks, tables, chairs, equipment, handrails, restroom facilities, etc.) will be disinfected between classes and all students and staff will use hand sanitizer prior to entering each classroom.
  • Each vendor will determine the platform of their own online classes, depending on the needs of their students.
  • Families who are using charter funds to pay for WPLC classes must comply with whatever charter guidelines are given for in-person classes. If charter funding for onsite classes is not provided for onsite learning, charter students may take any of our classes online. If charters allow for onsite learning, charter students may attend onsite.
  • Families who are not using charter funds to pay for classes may choose to have their students take vendor classes either onsite or online. ​